Chinese Canadians queued 63 hours for iPhone6 start sale

A new generation of iPhone will be on sale, there was Chinese Canadian whole family began to queue 63 hours to purchase, fully equipped to spend three nights at the mall outside. Not only local citizens, even the tourists have joined the long queue to grab iPhone6. Part of local “iPhone fans” even took different strange ways to grab their love in the first time; currently “spot grab fee” was doubled in just 10 days.

Chinese Canadian Chen said, around 6:00 pm in the evening on the 16th, he came to Vancouver with tents queued at the outside of Richmond Centre Mall, successfully took the first position. He said his whole family was “iPhone fans ” did not want to be late to get iPhone6 than the other people, so bring family, friends, and even cousins ​​came to keep the queue. He and his family were going to purchase ” top models of iPhone 6 Plus 128G “, and said to reporters they were for personal use.