Considerations of price difference between film and television goods, and game goods in online shop

For both entity storefront marketing, and network terminal customer selling, formulation of scientific and rational pricing mechanism can achieve balance surplus well, to obtain maximum benefit. On the basis of market research and analysis, online store achieved this goal excellently, through realizing price difference on film and television and game goods.

I Cut prices for selling film and television goods, to attract customers with low price and big buy. What catches customers’ eyes most, would always be those refreshed products which are taken delight in talking on the network. The latest Hollywood blockbusters,
would undoubtedly be customers’ favorite products. But on the synchronous selling network platform, the film and television products do not vary because of the different dealers. But the price can be controlled, by reducing sale price of refreshed blockbusters, to attract more customers. By increasing the customer number, make up for the inadequacy of the price.

II Raise the price on game products moderately, to make up for the low price loss of film and television products. Game products have a huge consumers, after the latest game products are developed, the merchant can achieve short-term monopoly sales for this product through buying copyright. Therefore, the biggest incremental benefit can be realized. And these increased profits, can just make up for the loss for low-price sale on the film and television products.

From the balance of advantage and disadvantage on price difference, this kind of price mechanism is conducive to the development of the Amazon, and realization of the overall added value.