Chinese brokerage’s first get into Canada

Recently, GF Securities (Canada) Ltd. opened in Vancouver, which is an important milestone of GF Securities enter the North American market, also China’s mainland brokerages first attempt to enter Canada. So far, the GF Securities international distribution has covered China, Hong Kong, Europe, North America three major capital markets, the internationalization of financial holding group large platform architecture prototype has been revealed.

GF Securities relevant responsible person said, as the first broker to set up branches in Canada, facing a new business environment in Canada and the North American market, GF Securities will adhere to sound business development ideas, expand plans in phases for GF Canadian company’s business. In future, GF Securities will summarize and draw GF Canadian company’s experience, and gradually develop its radiated business model, extend the business to other regions and cities in North America, to expand the company’s business coverage and market influence in North America.