Chinese wealthy’s life in Canadian: live in heaven but restless

20140930100407d545f[1]When a person does not need to work for a living, what would he do? Sleep until noon, or travel to other place? Reporters visited three Chinese immigrants by microblogging who has already attained financial freedom , reporters found that they are still willing to go to work, re-start a company or get some new investments.

Many Chinese people brought up by their parents and the society instill the concept of “struggle” when them were young, why they should make arduous effects? what goals they struggle to? And meet what kind of needs?

American psychologist Maslow’s created a “hierarchy of needs” theory, people have five basic needs: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualization needs. To his later years, Maslow added the sixth demand that was Over Actualization, which is when a person fully meet the needs of self-realization and will have a brief “peak experience” appears. Maslow found that who beyond not only exists in the people with faith, poets, intellectuals, musicians, but also in entrepreneurs, Careerists, managers, educators, politicians.

The young or middle-aged people who have reached financial freedom, who will have entrepreneurship and experienced a lot of sorrows, after they achieved sucesses they might be willing to rest for some time, but run inertia will push some people continue to move forward, rather than lie down to sleep.

After migration, Gao Ling bought a house in Tsawwassen Delta by the sea. Just settled, neighbors brought their baked biscuits. The neighbors are very friendly and say hello to each other when met on the road, and invited them to participate in the Christmas party. Once, she forgot to turn off parking, a dog passing neighbors to ring the doorbell to tell her. These little things make her feel warm, very happy every day. She said: “Life in Canada is really like live in heaven.”

Summer morning, Gao Ling cleaned up swimming pool in the yard, and then rest for a while on a beach chair by the pool, enjoying the warmth of sunshine, enjoying the sparkling water. She grew a lot of flowers in her yard, subtle fragrance floated, so she relaxed and happy. The garden also planted red maple, shady trees caused her poetry. She was a artists when she was young, she like poetry, but life led her to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. She thanked God’s blessing, let her live her dream life.